Contact Joey Jay

Hello there, and thank you for visiting I am currently in the process of creating an extensive knowledge base which will be a great place to start whenever you have any questions about any of my products, services and/or offerings.

Until the Knowledge Base is completed and up and running, I have also set up a help desk system to help keep track of all support issues and related requests.

To create a support ticket using my help desk system, please feel free to visit anytime.

If you happen to be what I like to call MDOS, or “modern-day old-school”, and you’d prefer to communicate with me via your favorite email program or application, such as Outlook or gMail, you’re in luck. You can alternatively send me an email as well.

Emails should be sent to Your email will automatically be converted into a help desk ticket as this enables me to keep an organized record of all of our communications.

Once a ticket has been created, you can continue communicating with me by using your email system, however, all communications will continue to be logged within the help desk system.