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Welcome to my list of aMember Pro tutorials. Having made many, MANY changes to my own copies of aMember, too numerous to count to be honest, I assume there’s probably many others who may benefit from the knowledge I have acquired while doing so — hence this Amember Pro tutorial area.

Please be sure to check back often as I will post more frequently as time goes on. And if you have a question about anything related to aMember Pro, feel free to contact me at any time and ask away. I’d love to offer any assistance I can.

• Creating a Drip-Fed System for Your Member Area [COMING SOON]
Manually Backing Up Your aMember Database
Creating A "Sticky Sidebar" on aMember Cart Pages
Self Testing A Custom Purchasing Functionality
Display Notifications on ALL aMember Pages
Protecting Content: Any Product vs All Registered Customers
Receive Notifications of Illegal Admin Access Attempts
Changing the Resource Block Search Bar Setting
Disabling Throwaway eMail Addresses

Please keep the following in mind whenever modifying, updating or installing anything whether it’s aMember related, or not.

Always, always, always save a backup copy of ANY files you’ll be modifying, editing, updating, overwriting or installing. Hell, keeping 2 copies is even better. Keep one on your server, ready to be moved at the click of your mouse, and keep an extra copy offline so you’ll always have a backup in case anything happens to your online files.

Also, please note that I am not an employee of aMember Pro. Everything I post here is of my own doing, in an attempt to provide additional information to other aMember Pro users. I am, however, an affiliate, which means that if you click on any of the links within this, or any other, post throughout my site, I may earn a small commission for referring you.

If you find any of my aMember Pro tutorials or articles useful, or have any questions related to the aMember Pro system, please feel free to post a comment (below) or contact me anytime using my online help desk. I check these pages frequently and will reply as soon as I can.

Since many have asked, if you wish to thank me financially, you may do so by "paying it forward" with a donation to a very worthy cause. Alternatively, if you'll be purchasing any additional aMember Pro licenses or any of their add-on modules (plugins), please consider clicking here to purchase using my affiliate ID in which case I will earn a referral fee.

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