Changing the Resource Block Search Bar Setting

If you’re looking to change the number of links which need to be displayed within the resource section of the aMember Pro member pages before the search bar displays, here’s an easy to follow tutorial. And when I say easy, I mean like ’20 seconds’ from start to finish, and that’s assuming it takes you 15 seconds to FTP in…

First off, please remember that all my tutorials are based on your installation being the default “/amember” directory. That said, let’s get going…

1. Login via your favorite/preferred FTP program.

2. Navigate your way to the following directory/folder.

/amember -> /application -> /default -> /views -> /blocks

3. Open the following file in a text editor:


4. Line 2 should read something like:

<?php if (count($resources) + count($left_member_links) > 25) : ?>

5. Change ’25’ to whatever number you want…

i.e. If you want the search bar to appear once there are more than 5 download
links, change 25 to 5. If you’re ok with displaying 100 download links before the
search bar will appear, change 25 to 100.

6. Save the file.

Congrats! You’re Done! Didn’t I tell you it was super simple!

If you find any of my aMember Pro tutorials or articles useful, or have any questions related to the aMember Pro system, please feel free to post a comment (below) or contact me anytime using my online help desk. I check these pages frequently and will reply as soon as I can.

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