Display Notifications on ALL aMember Pages

If you’re looking to add important notifications, reminders and/or messages to the top of your aMember member area, you can easily edit the template files to there is a real nifty plugin you’ll definitely want to have.

The plugin, appropriately named ‘aMember Pro Notification Plugin‘, enables you to do just that — add notification messages to the top of the main member page – but this page was NOT placed here to sell you on the plugin.

I created this post simply to inform those who are already using it, or are planning on purchasing and using it, about one ‘important’ option which is currently missing.

I say ‘important’, but, truth be told, some people are ok with it, some are not ok with it and some just haven’t even realized (or noticed) either way, which is why I am posting this here today.

Once you have it installed, you’ll then be able to add “notification messages” to the home page of your members’ area alerting your members any of important information or reminders you want to make them aware of, but

… although there are many options you can use (such as who to show the message to, the color/status of message box, whether or not to include a a link to further information, and so on), there is one thing you can NOT do, by default.

You can not place the notifications on all the pages throughout the member area. Your “notification messages” will ONLY appear on the main dashboard page. Again, not by default anyway.

As I said above, this is very important ‘for me’ and if your member’s are anything like many of mine, they use bookmarks, which means this is important for you as well.

Bookmarks are great for the members, however, using bookmarks to take them to specific pages/areas means they’ll never see the important notification message(s) that I intended, and often times, NEED, them to see.

And, I, personally, am not ok with this… So, I had to figure out how to make the notices appear on more than just the main dashboard page so that no matter what page my members are on or start on, they would still see such notifications.

So, I did my thing and went hunting around a bit. And BINGO! I figured out there was a way to change this, and it’s not a difficult task either, however…

Simple/basic code modification is required to achieve this functionality! I can not stress enough that you should perform a complete backup prior to modifying or installing any new files to ensure you’re able to ‘turn back the clock’ if need be.

This modification will require you to add some code to one (1) of your aMember script files. If you’re unfamiliar with php and/or coding, or you’re just simply uncomfortable with messing around with the inner workings of the script files, I’d be more than happy to FREELY assist you with this. I can also do the installation of the plugin for you as well. (click here)

If you’re comfortable with editing the file yourself, here is what you’ll need to do.

Once you’ve purchased the Notification Plugin, you’ll need to install it following the easy to follow instructions which will be included with your purchase.

Once the installation is complete, locate the site.php file located within the “/application/configs” directory. Open the file, using a text editor, and add this code to the end of the file:


     $_ = Am_Di::getInstance()->blocks->getBlock('notification');
     Am_Di::getInstance()->blocks->add('member/under-menu', $_);

/* --- */

Once those lines have been added, save the file and upload it (overwriting the original file). Once the file is saved and uploaded, logout of your FTP program.

That’s it! You’re done. That’s all there is to it.

Now, whenever you post any new notifications, you’re notifications will now appear on most pages throughout the member area.

Please Note:
There are a few specific pages the notifications will still not appear on, but I’ll be posting another article on that specifically, so be sure to check back or contact me on Facebook and let me know you’re interested.

If you find any of my aMember Pro tutorials or articles useful, or have any questions related to the aMember Pro system, please feel free to post a comment (below) or contact me anytime using my online help desk. I check these pages frequently and will reply as soon as I can.

Since many have asked, if you wish to thank me financially, you may do so by "paying it forward" with a donation to a very worthy cause. Alternatively, if you'll be purchasing any additional aMember Pro licenses or any of their add-on modules (plugins), please consider clicking here to purchase using my affiliate ID in which case I will earn a referral fee.


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