Protecting Content: Any Product vs All Registered Customers

If you’ve been an aMember Pro user for any amount of time now, you probably already know that it’s not as well documented as it could be, especially with the “not so technical” aspects.

I ran into a situation recently which caused a bit of uncertainty and figured if “I” had this question, it was quite possible that others may as well, so, I figured I would at least make mention of it…

So, I needed to create a few pages within aMember which would only be visible to those who had “active purchases” (known as subscriptions in aMember) and while setting up the pages, I wasn’t sure whether to set the pages to “all registered customers” or “Any Product”.

Thinking there would not be much difference between the two options, I opted for the “All Registered Customers”. After all, “customers” to me means someone who has rightfully obtained one of my products, right?

Perhaps not!

After a little research, I came to realize the difference between the two, and while I figured the difference would not matter much, I was hugely mistaken.

Having pages set to “All registered customers” meant that ANYONE would have access to the pages — even if they cancelled their “subscription” or simply signed up as an affiliate, definitely NOT what I wanted.

What I needed to select was the “Any Product” option as this meant that only those with active subscriptions would then be able to view the pages, which was my intent from the start.

So, if you’ve ever wondered which option to use, keep this in mind…

Selecting the general “all registered customers” option will enable ANYONE with an account, access to your protected page which includes the following types of accounts:

  • affiliate members
  • refunders of any product
  • completed subscriptions
  • cancelled subscriptions

If you’re looking to provide access to only customers with “active subscriptions” (paid products and ongoing ACTIVE members), you’ll want to select the “Any Product” option.

Many of you may already know this, or have figured it out for yourself, but as I said above, if I was unsure about this, I figured others may be as well.

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