Self Testing A Custom Purchasing Functionality

If you’re looking to test certain functions on your own aMember installation which happen during a purchase, but you don’t want to wait for a paying customer to come along and “hope for the best”, here’s a nifty little trick you could try.

Create a “private” coupon within the admin area and set it up so that it provides a 100% discount. Set the coupon code to something that is absolutely impossible to guess, this way, you can be certain it will remain private.

Now create a dummy account for yourself and use that when testing whatever you need to test and be sure to use the coupon you created so that you are not actually asked for any payment details.

Once your order has processed, check to make sure whatever it is you wanted to test is working properly.

Example Usage:

When I created my very first OTO offer within aMember, I wanted to make sure the OTO would display properly and ONLY for certain purchases. So, I created an absurdly long, very complex and impossible to to guess password to use which gave me a 100% discount off my “test” purchase so that I could thoroughly test out the system to ensure everything went as planned.

Then, when I was 100% certain that everything worked the way I intended, I simply disabled the coupon and started promoting whatever offer I was offering at the time and was confident that the OTO would be displayed to the proper purchases.

Using the method above allows me to test anything I need to test and all within seconds without needing to worry about “test modes” or “sandbox accounts” or anything of the sort.

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