7 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

7 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

The time start your email marketing list is not today, but yesterday! It may be old but email marketing is one of the most profitable methods of marketing you can do to help increase your stats and, better still, grow your sales.

When thinking about email marketing, many people wonder “What’s it gonna cost me?” and the truth is … it doesn’t cost you anything, it’s an investment.

That’s right, it’s an investment, one which has many benefits. Best of all, it’s something that you can completely control, unlike Facebook pages or twitter accounts. Plus, it’s much more valuable too.

Every dollar you spend in marketing using email lists, typical brings a return of $38 back, on average, so it’s a pretty good investment if you ask me.

As with everything else, when it comes to promoting your site, storefront, offer or brand, email marketing must be part of your marketing plan.

Many people also ask me “How do I grow my list quickly?” and the answer to that is quite simple too. Start by posting sign up forms on your website and by incentivizing your visitors, followers and friends to get them to want to sign up.

You can incentivize your list by offer visitors a discount or various resources that they can’t or won’t find anywhere else.

By signing up to your newsletter, your visitors have to receive valuable content. You may need to invest time and resources figuring out exactly what IS valuable for your readers.

Once you’ve figured that out, however, and created something of value to offer them, you’ll quickly find that you could be growing your list exponentially, in no time at all.

Following are just a few places you could place your subscriber forms. Choosing just one is NOT the way to grow your list. To grow your list as quickly as possible, use several of the methods outlined below for the quickest results.

1. Your Website Home Page

Place a subscriber form on your home page and tell you’re tell your visitors exactly what they’re missing out on by not being on your list.

2. Use Popups

Popups, when started at the right time. and setup properly, are great tools. If they’re not setup and placed correctly, they can actually be quite annoying. Take the time to do a little research to decide whether or not pop-ups would be helpful in multiplying your subscriber count. One way to “test the waters” would be to setup a popup so that it only appears to repeat visitors to a specific page. Someone who visits a specific page more than once is obviously interested in the information you’re providing and are therefore more likely to subscribe.

3. Exit Popups

Exit popups are also a great way to grow your subscriber list, but again, be careful how you set them up and be sure to do a little research to ensure you’re not hurting yourself more than helping.

4. End of All Articles and/or Blog Posts

Be sure to post quality content and at the end of the article, place a form asking your visitors to subscribe to your list, being sure to mention any giveaways you’re offering as well as letting them know they’ll benefit by being first to know whenever you post a new article.

5. Lead Magnets

Create a few lead magnets. Lead magnets are extremely valuable resources for your potential clients. Be sure to create a special landing page for each offer and provide a link to those offers to promote them. This is one of the quickest ways to grow your subscriber list and one of the most successful ways.

6. Add A “Subscribe” Option On Your Checkout Page

One of MY most valuable assets, by far, is the “Add Me To Your List” option embedded within ALL of my checkout pages. By adding it directly into the checkout process, more people are apt to check the box, even if just out of habit. You could offer a discount for anyone who subscribes by selecting the “subscribe” option. Most shopping cart systems have this functionality built in. For those that don’t, consider hiring someone to do it for you. It will surely pay for itself in no time at all.

7. On All of Your Sign Up Pages

Another one of my favorite methods is to add a “Subscribe” option to all of my other sign up forms. Whether it’s a page used to create an account or become a member of one of my membership sites, I add in the option to allow them to subscribe. Again, many people will check the box because it’s just part of the form flow.

The trick to building your subscriber list as quickly as possible is to offer your visitors multiple points of access, where they can sign up, or subscribe, to receive your mailings.

This way, you’ll grow your subscriber list in virtually no time at all.

The more often your readers and visitors see your subscriber form, the more likely they are to actually subscribe.

If you have a method that you use, and that works for you, feel free to let others know by posting a comment in the comment form below.

Posted By: Joey Jay

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